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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sick, But Still Kickin'

Hey, it’s just me again. I still have a sinus infection and chest cold, but I’m alright. I stayed at my parent’s house yesterday so that I didn’t get anyone here, back in Cedar Springs, sick. It was nice to be with my parents one more day than originally planned, but it’s also good to be home. Last night, we watched Over Hauling and Miami Ink on TLC and that’s actually kind of funny. Everyone in my house is kind of a gear head, and we all have at least one tat and are itching to get new ones. Yeah, it’s a family affair. I think I know what I want for my next one, but I had better start saving for it now. I don’t really have a ton to talk about since I haven’t done a whole lot being sick. So, I guess that this is going to have to end here. God bless, and I’ll write more later!


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