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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Peanut Butter and Jelly Kind of Day

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, and I’ve missed actually writing out my blogs. Sometimes, you have to share the songs that have been playing in your head, or playing on the radio because they’re so good. I know that not everyone is a Pat Benatar fan, but hey, she’s awesome, and even more rockin’ in concert! So, yeah, I love 80’s girl bands along with Barry Manilow. I’m an eclectic. Any way, today should be absolutely lovely because I not only have work, but I have to go hang out with the Young Teens and the CLCers (that’s Awana for all my groovy Baptist friends) and have a fantabulous time with them goofing around. Sounds like a blast? Yes, yes it is.

I realize that I didn’t write about my awesome weekend in my last blogs because I was caught up in the music. Well, here goes. I had the opportunity to go to Port Huron, which is about 3 hours from where I’m at now, and hang out with some very special people. My friend Suella, from Canada, and my friend Michelle and I had a great time enjoying a symphonic evening of Celtic music and Tim Horton’s coffee. Yeah, that’s my kind of night. The next day we went shopping at the Port Huron mall. While there, we called my parents because they had their anniversary, and we sang to them over the phone. We didn’t know it, but we had an audience and were told we should record. It was pretty cool. The rest of our time together, we tried to sing in the ladies room because we missed singing together. We used to do that all the time back at SAU, so it’s kind of a treat when we get the chance to do it now. We ended up singing in Sue’s car and praying before we left each other’s side. It was a wonderful trip, and I know I needed to see them desperately.

The Sunday service was good. I had a lot to do being the only musician that day, but it was alright. I love playing my guitar, so it didn’t feel like a lot until the evening was over. Youth went well, because we ended up painting a banner and the gym room floor. It’s ok, because the carpet was being laid the very next day, so our names are under there forever…or at least until they tear it up and sand again. My evening was a good one with my kiddos, and I love hanging out with them. They rock

Monday was my day off, so nothing too eventful there. I just cleaned house a bit, journaled a lot, and had my alone time that I needed. I love my Mondays alone. They rock my world.

Tuesday was a full day. The piano I ordered for the church came and that was so exciting. I got to play around on that for a good long time. Then, my friend Nick came and we did his voice lesson, and talked camp for a good 2 hours. Then I had another meeting with the church planning committee and that went faster than I thought it would. Yay! Exciting times, really. I came home around 7:30pm and talked with my roommate until she went to bed, and then I got online and chatted up a storm with a new friend. It was a good evening. I know, none of my work schedule probably seems all that exciting to blog about, but it’s my day, and I felt real good about it all. God is good, and it was awesome how he revealed himself through my work. That’s one of my highlights in church work. You never know how God is going to bless you.

Well, that’s about all for now. God bless, and I’ll talk to you soon! Buh bye!!


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