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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fat n' Wet Snowflakes

So, it’s finally doing what it’s supposed to be doing this time of year in Michigan…yep, it’s snowing. I think it’s pretty, but the kind it is today is dangerous. It’s heavy and very wet because it was raining earlier. Freezing rain! I almost didn’t go into work today because I was afraid of all the bad drivers out there. I think we’re gonna get a good amount of snow today…for once. Not that I’m complaining. I have really enjoyed the time off from the snow this year. We don’t get that too often.

This week is going to get crazy from this point on. Tomorrow, I have to find my way to a church in another town that I’ve not been to before to pick up some music that we’re borrowing. Then, CLC and young teens meet later on in the evening. On Thursday, I get to go to the mall to a piano store (Keyboard World) to look for a new electronic/digital piano. I’m pretty stoked about that. Also, I’m trying, and have been trying, to find a new pianist for our church, but the pursuit has proven to be difficult. Piano music in churches is becoming less and less common, and is practically being phased out for room for guitar. Not everyone in my church is ready to accept that, nor are they willing to really listen to me on this subject. There are so many hoops I have to go through to get anything accomplished, and that drives me nuts. I know that there is a reason we are short one pianist, and I truly believe God is trying to teach my church something. He’s trying to teach us all a little something, and I know it’s not going to be an easy lesson for some. Please pray for my church/congregation. God is good in all situations…He triumphs in everything!

This Friday and Saturday should be a blast. I’m going over to Port Huron for an evening of Celtic music and catching up with old college friends. We are going to see “Sounds of Erin”, and stay in a hotel overnight. It’s kinda funny that it’s this Friday, because there is the playoffs for the UHL going on that same night, so hotel bookings were hard to come by. I thought it was hilarious since I spent so much time in my High school years practically worshipping the Flint Generals and watching the movie “Slapshot”. Not exactly a family movie, but it was about roughneck hockey, and that’s what I liked. Now, I’m going to be in Port Huron for the playoffs and I won’t even get to see them. How funny!!

Well, the snow seems to have stopped for the moment, so I have a feeling that more weather hazards are on their way. I’m going to go and make things cozy in my home and get some other work done. God bless, and may His peace be upon you today.


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