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Monday, January 09, 2006

Confrontation, Racism, Conviction

Racism Awareness = Education

God is truly amazing in how He works. Last night, during youth group, we were talking about confrontation and the topic went to racism. That wasn’t something I was expecting to happen, but it did, and I’m very glad. I have a youth group that consists of small town white kids who don’t experience a lot of racism personally, so it was quite interesting to me to hear their thoughts on the topic, especially since they brought it up. I asked the question, ‘Are you racist?’, and the answers were very candid and honest. Many said yes, but not on purpose. They came to the conclusion that the reason for any kind of racism in them was because they don’t experience it on a regular basis and they don’t have an incredible amount of education on the topic. To be that honest on a very touchy topic is good. God really convicted me with that response. I have to take my teens to an area of GR where they do experience racism daily. I have to take them to a place where they get their hands dirty and help the persecuted. These kids want to know and understand different culture groups, and they want to be put out of their small town comfort zones. I’m very impressed with the ways these teens desire growth in their personal lives. It humbles me and amazes me.

God is so amazing in how he works. My cup runneth over. I may not always feel so great, but I know God is and He’s watching over me. I can honestly admit that yesterday, despite all of it’s great things (like my youth), I was a bit depressed. We had a wonderful music ministry come in and share with us, I had coffee with friends afterwards, youth group was phenomenal, and I said goodbye to my old small group to move on to another, but my mood internally was not that great. I had a wonderful day, yet there was something inside bothering me. I didn’t talk to anyone about it because I didn’t know what to share with them. I recently read a post of a good aquaintance of mine, and I think that his words were something I needed to hear. I felt a humble conviction in his words about his personal God experiences, and I realized that my sadness could be contributed to my business and lack of communication with God. I pray and journal, but listening is something I haven’t done a whole lot of recently. I’ve been hurt, and when that happens, I sometimes forget to listen to the gentle voice of God. I’m just flesh and blood, a wanderer in the desert, like everyone else. My pains when I don’t listen come from a lack of personal time alone with God. The holidays tend to do that I guess. I haven’t had much time to meditate on anything. I know that I need to get my heart focused on Him and continue to deepen my relationship in the Lord. My time alone with God is where I get a lot of my strength for life. It’s my “Carpe Diem”. It’s just me and my Dad taking the time to step away from life for a moment to reflect, share, devote, love, and rest. Physically, when you don’t take time out to rest, you feel it later. Well, the same thing happens in your Spiritual life, too. If you don’t take time out to “rest” you’ll feel it later. Don’t wander in the desert alone. It’s not worth it.

Well, I’m gonna go for now. God bless and may His peace shelter you today.


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