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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Angry Girl Bands Rock

Go By: Pat Benatar

You say you'll always be there
But I know you won't
You say you love me, you swear
But I know you don't

I got better things I can do ya know
Than waste all of my time on you
Why don't you just go

You say I got it all wrong
That everything's changed
But I know where I belong
It's far, far away

Pick yourself up, get yourself moving
Don't turn around, just keep on going
There's nothing you can say
To change my mind todayT
here's only one thing left to do
I guess you'll have to go

You say you're a different man
But you know that's a lie
The truth is gonna set you
Free and so am I

[Chorus 2x]

This song rocks, and it makes me drive a little too fast! Hee hee!!


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