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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Caroling With My Youth?

It's really a very beautiful day today. I've been up since 7:15 this morning because I had to go visit some of my kids at their school for a band concert. They did a fantastic job, let me tell you! I was very proud of them. The funny thing about it was that they were hosting this concert for the Elementary Schools of their area, so I got to sit with over 200 little ones. It was kind of neat because they really got into the Christmas music the band was playing. They even made the band director laugh a few times. I promised my girls that if they called me with the time of their performance, I would go. You see, I missed their actual Christmas concert by accident. I thought it was next week and not this current week, but I was mistaken. All Sunday night they ragged on me, so I told them that the next concert they played, I would be there. Well wouldn't you know it, it was this morning at 9:30am. I tell you what, that is early for a youth pastor to be up on a weekday. :o) I never heard from them on Monday night as to when their concert was going to be performed, so I got up extra early to call the school in case it was an extremely early concert. When they saw me sitting on the bleachers, their faces lit up and they immediately apologized for not calling me. I got a kick out of it. I love my kids, and I'm so glad I got to do this today. I wasn't sure if there was even going to be school because the weather man was calling for a lot of snow overnight and more today, but our area only got a small portion of the "dumping on". The sun is shining today, which makes it extremely bright outside. The snow is reflecting beautiful diamonds of God's glorious joy today. It's radiant out there!

My weekend was also very good. I got to hang out with a new and special friend on Friday. We had fun trying to figure out what to do on the fly. First, we went to one of my most favorite restaurants, Bennigans, then we went to Skeletones. That's where the evening got interesting. Tones is under new management, and so the atmosphere is very different now. Anyone who is not a teenager, or doesn't smoke, or doesn't dress "punk" wouldn't feel very comfortable anymore. It's definitely changed, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. After we ordered coffees and stood around for a little bit, we decided to explore the city a bit more. We watched ice skaters, then tried to go to the museum because we saw it open...or so we thought. It wasn't. There was an office party there that night. Oops. We left and headed back for our hometown to rent movies and end the night like that. It was about 2am when we finally called it a night. She and I are both "old" now, so 2am wasn't the most appealing time, but it was great. I'm sure we'll do it again.

On Saturday, I got up early to get ready for a Pastor's Christmas party for my district (that's a FM thing, I'll explain if you ask me later J ). It was a great time of food, fellowship, and a bit of role playing/acting. I never win anything when I enter a drawing, but wouldn't you know it, my name got picked for that. It was great, though. I haven't got to act in a long time, and so it actually felt pretty good. It was a nice afternoon with my pastor and his wife. Also, I was working on camp stuff. I had to write a letter to my publicity director about a poster that I received only recently in my email that fit our theme for the 2006 camp. I was pretty excited about it and hoped that she would be, too.

On Sunday, the service was focused on the Advent season, of course. It was beautiful. We lit the candles, hung the wreaths, put the poinsettias on the platforms, and sang Christmas carols. Right after the service, the choir and I practiced for next Sunday; the Christmas Cantata Service. They did, and are doing, a fantastic job. I think that because we practice before eating lunch keeps everyone on task and focused so we get out at a good time. I know I appreciate it, and I work up quite the appetite after waving my arms around for an hour or more. J Sunday night was great, too. We had our “Family Christmas Tree” service in which everyone got to decorate some of the Christmas trees we have in our sanctuary. We sang more carols focused on the adoration of our Heavenly Father, and just had a magnificent time together. When the service was over, we had a finger food fellowship time. There were so many different kinds of goodies and treats, and no one could walk away hungry. In fact, it was even more of a possibility to walk away with a stomachache! After the evening was over, I went back home and checked my email and felt a burden on my heart. I knew that my camp pub director was not happy about what I had to say at all, and in fact, they felt that I had wronged them by considering another poster over theirs. That wasn’t the case at all. I saw the person online, and we debated for almost an hour before going to sleep a bit more at ease than when I first sat down. My excitement was quickly extinguished in one moment’s time. I pray that this will resolve soon and the truth will be recognized.

On Monday, I pondered this situation further, even though I tried to concentrate on my personal “Sabbath”. I was successful in my relaxation, but I still needed to talk to someone. I got a hold of my best friend and hashed out my feelings with her. She’s such a great listener and friend. She’s more than a thousand miles away from me, but I know I can count on her to talk about anything. I miss her terribly, but I know that with God in our hearts, and our cell phones, we will always be closer than what distances elude us to believe.

I feel that this entry says it all for me right now. I had a great weekend with a bit of a snag, but I know it will be mended soon. God loves you, and I hope you realize that. I love you, too, and be good. Treat everyone you meet with love and respect, all right? All right. Bye for now!!


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