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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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I didn't even know what to call this post. I'm not feeling quite like myself tonight because I feel there's some people at my church who really don't like it when I have a good day, so they do something immediately to make sure I feel worse than they do. Maybe I'm just being moody, but I'm getting so sick and tired of being attacked by everyone. I know I shouldn't take anything personal in ministry, but sometimes it's extremely hard to remember that. Someone came up to me about something tonight while I was running sound for a kid's function at the church. All they said was that they needed to talk to me and the pastor tomorrow about some issue that was brought to their attention. Later on that evening, they told me that it had more to do with me, and we could probably talk it out ourselves without the pastor. The whole time they're telling me this I'm thinking "great, what did I do this time?". I'm getting so sick of people thinking I'm constantly doing something wrong in my job...according to the way they do things, and according to their standards. Why won't anyone just trust me and trust that God is leading me? I just want the people of my church to let me do my job and pray for me so that I do my job according to Christ. I just want to be loved and not treated like a hired hand. Sometimes that's what I feel like. Many professors back in college told me that I would go through times just like these where I would feel really low, and I wouldn't learn it by anything else but my experiences. Well, I'm learning, and my back is guarded. I love where I'm at, but I'm sick to death of people treating me bad. Ok, now that I've got all that out, maybe I'll sleep through the night. Not everything is terrible, but sometimes I just need to vent and get things out. I needed to do that tonight. Any who, please pray for me. I really could use a hug.


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