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Friday, November 11, 2005

Love Thicker than Peanutbutter

I can't believe it, but the radio stations are playing Christmas music already! Wow, I tell ya what, wow. I'm actually happy about it. I love Christmas...yeah, everybody give Christmas a hand! Any who, about my entry before this one, I really needed to vent, but I'm all better now. God is good, and I have not one reason to complain. I need to let myself get upset, however. Things weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. In fact, the meeting wasn't even about me or the pastor, which made both of us sigh with relief. Instead, it was another person completely, but we as the leadership need to help this person out. **Wipes forehead** All is well in the house of Shannon. God gave me amazing peace last night that I wasn't expecting, but am ever so greatful. I was reading 'Purpose Driven Youth Ministry' by Doug Fields, and it shocked, humbled, and comforted me at the same time. To sit and read about a very accomplished man of faith having had the same troubles this 2 year vetran of a youth leader has experienced was awesome! I've read that book once before, but decided recently to open it once again. It makes so much more sense to me now than what it possibly could have in college. I felt the hand of God on my shoulder as he spoke to my heart saying, 'it's ok, i'm always here'. How amazing is God and His workmanship!! I had to share this with you and journal it so I would remember always what has happened to me. God is good, and I pray you are experiencing His goodness, too. Sanctification means giving God more of you. He already gave all he could to you, now you have to open yourself up to him every day and give more of yourself to Him. It's not easy, but it's so very worth every moment. God's peace be on you today!!!


At 7:21 PM, Blogger Tim said...

Aww man, I love that book! It was introduced to me in Bible college and I still try to at least thumb through it once a year. It serves as a great reminder to what youth ministry is about and helps point out the areas that I might be neglecting. :-)

At 12:26 AM, Blogger April said...

Hey girl that is awesome! I miss you a ton. I will have to give you a ring sometime tomorrow while we are driving to Tennessee...hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving.


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