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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Growing Pains

Isn't it funny how physical and mental growth work together, but sometimes mental growth doesn't quite keep up with the physical? It's funny but true. I mean, we all have tendancies to revert back to old ways, but sometimes it's just annoying. That's what spiritual growth is supposed to remedy in a way. It's funny how some people, when they don't get their way, will go back to old habits. I know my own tendancies are to revert back to being within myself and not sharing myself with others..especially the opposite sex. I know some people, when something happens that's not according to theri own plan, tend to let childish selfish ways lead their fury. It's quite facinating. The bible talks about putting these ways behind us and growing in Christ. That's obviously not the correct wording, but that's the point. We have to let go of our past and move on towards the goal of being more like Christ when tested and when not. I'm not quite sure why this all came out today, but there ya go. God bless and have a Christ - filled day.


At 11:27 PM, Blogger April said...

so whats going on in your life girlie? I miss ya and you just signed on so im gonna say hi :-)


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