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Monday, October 10, 2005

Blessed Monday

I'm half awake, it's just a little after twelve in the afternoon, and it's a Monday. I couldn't be happier. I love Mondays because they mean a day of relaxation for me. It's my day off work and I really needed it this week. The past two weeks have been rough, but God was and is so good. He guided me through it all, gave me many blessings along the way, showed me the blessings of others by using me, and physically exhausted me in such a great and peaceful way. Maybe that last part doesn't make sense by itself, so let me explain. I really feel that because God used me this week and I was wide open to Him, my physical body is now tired and God is giving me this day to rest. Satan is still trying to attack, but God is greater and I'm feeling His peace most of all.

This weekend was great. I've been planning for over a month to hang out with two of my good friends from SAU, and it finally happened. We've had to rain check this time 2 or 3 times before, but it finally happened. I really needed them and they needed me, too. I feel that God was in this meeting because of the timing it all happened in. We all were in dire need of a friend and we got eachother. God is so good! Also, one of my teens needed to chat this past Friday, and she came to me at 5:30pm and stayed with me until 11 that night. It was awesome!! I really feel the blessings of the Lord pouring out right now, and I needed that. I needed my friends, and I needed my teens.

Church was also great. The service was very much filled with the Spirit, my teens asked great questions (and they actually gave me homework for next week because they had some real good questions). Don't get me wrong, I know God blesses all the time, even when we don't see it right away, but I really needed to share what's been happening with me recently. Partly because I don't really like talking about myself, and partly because you never know who needs to hear about the Lord's blessings. Any who, that's what's going on with me. I want to get going so I can rest on my Monday and be with my Lord. Love you all!!


At 7:47 AM, Blogger April said...

Hey-Im glad Friday night went well. And Im glad you are getting some down time. I miss you a ton, but Im glad I have the assurance that you are being cared for - our God is so great!


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