Church Chat

Monday, October 31, 2005

Singin' in the Rain

It's a nice rainy Monday night...Halloween night, actually. This day actually stands for three different things. First, it's a pagan holiday celebrating the dead. Second, it's a Catholic holiday celebrating the saints of the church, aka All Saints Day. Third, and my favorite, it's the anaversary of the reformation of the church. Today was the day that Martin Luther posted on the church doors what changes needed to be made. He became an outcast in the Catholic church because of how he felt, hence the birth of the prodestant church.

Another cool thing about today was Trunk or Treat at my church. We don't exactly celebrate Halloween, but we support our children and we want them to have a safe place to trick or treat. I had a fun time waiting in the rain for all the little princesses, ninjas, pumpkins, and so on. The kids were adorable and the adults were very funny. All in all, it was a great evening.

The 30 Hour Famine was this past Friday and Saturday, and let me tell you, my teens really got the point of the fast. It broke the hearts of many of them to think that kids all over the world were doing this involuntarily. I was so proud of all of them, I ended up crying...yeah, big shocker there. I was also the only one that got sick from the fast. I know it was more than the lack of food. I was nerved up, taking care of everyone, making sure everything went smoothly, etc, so I lost my lunch before it even got to my stomach. I know, it's gross, sorry. Again, God was good and my kids learned so much.

Well, I think that'll do it for now. God bless, and tell me what you thought of this blog entry.

Friday, October 28, 2005

He Never Fails

Today is the first day of the 30 hour famine with my teens. I'm a little nervous, but I know it's an excited energy...or so I hope. I always get a bit nervous before youth events that I've planned. I hope everything goes smoothly, but I know God has everything in His control and it will go according to His will. I have to relax and just...get to it! Hee hee!! So any way, I also went to a pastor's appreciation breakfast this morning with my head pastor at Family Christian Stores at Cornerstone College. I got some pretty cool stuff; things I hope to use in the future. I also bought a book that was orriginally 40% off, and I got an additional 40% off because I'm a pastor. How cool, eh? Oh yes, I love the perks. The book I got is "Captivating". I've been told many times that I need to read it, and I plan to. I also plan on using it with my older teen gals in the youth group. I feel it's always good to know yourself and why God made you the way He did, and I know this will be a great recourse for self discovery for me and my girls. Well, that's about it for now. If you read this, please pray for my teens today and tomorrow, and also pray for the leadership that is directing this. Thanks so much and God bless you!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hacuna Matatta

I am truly greatful for coffee. God knew what He was doing when he created that bean. There are so many ways to prepare it now, it's just nuts...get it? Any way, my week has been good so far. I've been able, with all the credit going to the Lord, to get a ton of work done. I've had some pretty major projects this week, and the Lord provided me with the time to complete them in. The 30 Hour Famine is this weekend for my teens, and I have to finish that up, and I have the time to do it. Also, I'm a co-director for Young Teen camp this coming summer with my friend and colleague, Nick. It's going to be a blast, and I've already lined up the speaker, we came up with the theme, and I have my publicity director lined up as well. It's going to be great and I'm so thankful. God is good!! I have to tell you about the reason as to why I had extra time to finish necessary projects this week. First of all, my pastor's wife needed some help finishing some posters up for Trunk-or-Treat, and she was questioning me if the senior teens would want to help. Well, they were more than happy to color posters. So, my lesson for this past Sunday was postponed for a week. That meant I didn't have to prepare a lesson for this week. I can now work out any bugs in my lesson if I want. Also, during the worship service, my pastor completely forgot about the music set for praise and worship this week. It usually happens right after we have an altar/prayer time. He preaches after the worship team and I do our thing, but this week he was so focused on his message that God gave him to say, he completely forgot about the team that was standing ready right next to him and he started preaching right away. Talk about funny!!! It was great. He felt bad, however, but I told him about all the things I was able to accomplish this week because I didn't have to do much for the worship set for this Sunday. We had a good laugh, and reminded ourselves of God's great sense of humor. Everyone else thought it was pretty funny, too. Well, any who, I should go get ready for the day. I get to go hang out with some of my little kids at Algoma Christian schools for their Pastor's Appreciation luncheon. I love it when they have this for us. It's great, and we get to hear them sing, and then we get to go visit them in their classroom settings. Ok then, God bless you, and buh bye!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Growing Pains

Isn't it funny how physical and mental growth work together, but sometimes mental growth doesn't quite keep up with the physical? It's funny but true. I mean, we all have tendancies to revert back to old ways, but sometimes it's just annoying. That's what spiritual growth is supposed to remedy in a way. It's funny how some people, when they don't get their way, will go back to old habits. I know my own tendancies are to revert back to being within myself and not sharing myself with others..especially the opposite sex. I know some people, when something happens that's not according to theri own plan, tend to let childish selfish ways lead their fury. It's quite facinating. The bible talks about putting these ways behind us and growing in Christ. That's obviously not the correct wording, but that's the point. We have to let go of our past and move on towards the goal of being more like Christ when tested and when not. I'm not quite sure why this all came out today, but there ya go. God bless and have a Christ - filled day.

Monday, October 17, 2005

What To Say?

Hey all, It's me again. It's another Monday; a week since I last entered anything on this site. Stuff has happened, and the week past was not too bad, thank God. I went home on Friday because I couldn't stand it any longer. I needed to be around family. I haven't seen anyone from my family in almost a month. It was time. I didn't really know if I should, if I could afford the gas right now, or if I had enough done for Sunday to even venture out. God gave me my answer on Thursday night, and gave it to me a second time on Friday afternoon. I had my teens over for a bon fire on Thursday night, and when they all left, I realized that they were going home to their families. I longed for home even moreso at that point. Then, on Friday afternoon, I realized that Pastor and his wife were with her parents, his inlaws. My pastor was even with family! Then, a lady from my church called (who also happens to be the mother of one of my teens) to see if I was going to a single's volley ball game or not, and that's when it really hit me...I wanted to go home. I wanted my mom and dad. I needed to get out of Cedar Springs in the worst way, just for a little while, and be with people who love me unconditionally. So, I did it. I left for Montrose and had a great weekend. I love having that option. I love being able to get hugged and not have to let go for a long time. I needed that. I needed a hug in the worst way. Sometimes you just need a little reassurance that there are people that will be there for you no matter what. I know that's why God gives us those kinds of people, because He loves us unconditionally, and He's always there no matter what. Ah, I feel better just because of that. I love you all, and I hope your week goes well and it's in the plan of God. Bye!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Blessed Monday

I'm half awake, it's just a little after twelve in the afternoon, and it's a Monday. I couldn't be happier. I love Mondays because they mean a day of relaxation for me. It's my day off work and I really needed it this week. The past two weeks have been rough, but God was and is so good. He guided me through it all, gave me many blessings along the way, showed me the blessings of others by using me, and physically exhausted me in such a great and peaceful way. Maybe that last part doesn't make sense by itself, so let me explain. I really feel that because God used me this week and I was wide open to Him, my physical body is now tired and God is giving me this day to rest. Satan is still trying to attack, but God is greater and I'm feeling His peace most of all.

This weekend was great. I've been planning for over a month to hang out with two of my good friends from SAU, and it finally happened. We've had to rain check this time 2 or 3 times before, but it finally happened. I really needed them and they needed me, too. I feel that God was in this meeting because of the timing it all happened in. We all were in dire need of a friend and we got eachother. God is so good! Also, one of my teens needed to chat this past Friday, and she came to me at 5:30pm and stayed with me until 11 that night. It was awesome!! I really feel the blessings of the Lord pouring out right now, and I needed that. I needed my friends, and I needed my teens.

Church was also great. The service was very much filled with the Spirit, my teens asked great questions (and they actually gave me homework for next week because they had some real good questions). Don't get me wrong, I know God blesses all the time, even when we don't see it right away, but I really needed to share what's been happening with me recently. Partly because I don't really like talking about myself, and partly because you never know who needs to hear about the Lord's blessings. Any who, that's what's going on with me. I want to get going so I can rest on my Monday and be with my Lord. Love you all!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

On the Edge, or in God's Timing

Someone had to remind me today of something I should have thought about, or at least should have been thinking about this whole time. I've recently fallen under attack, and I forgot to really look at the big picture. I mean, I thought I was, but aparently I missed a few things. I know that the actual problem is not me, and I know that God has amazing plans for my church and community, but I forgot to see even further than that. What is God preparing me for in the long run? Why am I in this particular spot at this particular moment? did I miss that? I figure that this should have been a priority thought in my head, but no. What am I preparing for, and what is my next faithfilled step going to be? Man! I really wish that I would have had my spiritual eyes open for that one, but maybe I wasn't supposed to see that right away. Again, maybe now is the right time for me to focus on that and start healing and fortifying my prayer walls with more depth than what I have been. God is so good and I know I am in His grand will. I know it with all my heart! I love the Lord, and I find it encouraging to be here right now with my recent blows taken. God is using me here and now! Even in pain, God shows you His love and reminds you of the scars and wounds He suffered for all of us. I could go on and on about this. Be encouraged, too, when you read this and know you are in God's will no matter how bad things might feel, if you sense you've failed in some way keep looking up, because as long as you look to Him, you never fail! Philippians 2: 1-16a God bless!!