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Friday, July 01, 2005

Numa Numa Iei

It's such a beautiful morning, wow! I can't believe it because it's actually cooler outside. I love it. I'm hoping it stays like this for most of the afternoon because I can't take much more of this heat. I'm going to move to Alaska if this keeps up. I've always wanted to do that anyway, so it really wouldn't be that huge of a suprise if I actually did it.

There's a song that's been running through my head since Senior Teen Camp and it's called 'Numa Numa', and it's by some Romanian guy who likes techno. Well, some New Jersey teen got a hold of it and decided to create a dance to go along with it and everyone I talk to lately knows about it. Wellspring was doing it constantly, well the guys of the team were, and the kids thought that was the coolest thing. I had to find the dance and see it for myself, and let me tell ya, it's pretty goofy. Now I'm doing the crazy little Numa Numa dance. How funny!!

Another funny thing that happened while up at camp was the Director of Young Teen Camp was working real hard to try to get me and my friend Phil to hook up. She has had it in her mind since this past February that he and I are perfect for eachother, and she won't let up about it. It's pretty cute, and I'm glad that Phil and I are such good friends so none of this feels awkward. We handle this well and we played along while up at camp. Even the campers got into it and they "set us up" and we went on a "date" to the camp candy store together. Yep, very funny stuff.

Any way, I have to go get ready for this new day that the Lord has blessed us with. I have a 10AM appointment with a seamstress and then work. You have a blessed day and bye for now...but not forever.


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