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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Crazy Dreamin'

Wow, it's another hot day here in the Great Lake state, and I'm bustin' a sweat by cleaning house and packing for camp. Yep, that's right, camp. It's that time of year again where Christian teens all over get ready to worship and learn about God in a whole new way, and I get the great honor and privelage of being there to witness it. I'm so excited, and I don't even leave until Wednesday night. Lots to do before going up there, but I know it will all get done.

I've not been in the greatest of moods all week because it seemed that no matter what I did I was being attacked in some way. It wasn't by any one person, it was all on the level of spiritual. I haven't slept great all week, I've been waking up extremely tired and worn out, and my work seems to be piling up on me. Also, I've had a good number of problems trying to prepare for 2 weddings that are 2 weeks apart from eachother and the 1st one is 2 weeks away. I'm glad I'm not the bride, because I would be bald by now. I know that when I do get married, the wedding will be very very small, and the reception will be big. Sounds about right to me. :o)

Let's talk about blessings, shall we? Ok then. I'm going to camp in less than 3 days, I am healthy, I have amazing friends and an amazing family, the sun is shining, every fan in the house is on creating a wonderful breeze. The woods I reside in are very lush and green, my housemate cracks me up all the time, I have a great church, it's 85 degrees outside and I'm still drinking my coffee...Gevalia Irish Creme rocks my world. There are a lot of things to be thankful for and the numero uno thing is that God loves me, gave me His love through the death of His son, and I'm going to be with Him someday and I know I'll be able to hug him all I want!!! Woooooo hoooooo! That sounds so good to me. I want to hug Jesus! I try to picutre I'm hugging Him when I hug my friends and family, and I think that's why I give good hugs. I want to hug my Savior someday, and so I share that same love with my peeps here. Yaya, God!

Any who, weird tangents, I know. That's ok, it's all good. :o) God loves me and I know you do, too. Well, that's enough from me for one day. Lot's to do, but I'll be thinking and praying for you today. God blesses!!!


At 3:34 PM, Blogger bj said...

your awesome, and you give me a lot to be proud of.


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