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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cherry Coke in the Morning

Wow, is it hot, and it's only June 8th. Michigan doesn't always get this warm this early, but it's ok. I don't mind the heat that much. After spending a week in Texas this past May, I don't think the heat here could match. I remember waking up sweating because the central air system couldn't keep up with the Dallas morning. It was great, however, because it was something I wasn't quite used to yet, and it has prepared me for what I'm waking up to now. God is good, so I can't complain about the beautiful weather He's blessing us with.

I've been in deep thought a lot lately. So much is going on that keeps me very busy, and I know my summer is going to be very crazy, but good as well. Between the 4 different camps I'm preparing for and all the prep for each, plus my normal weekly planning, things are a bit nuts. I don't expect to have much of a social life this summer at all, but I know it's ok. God will be there through it all. As long as it's all taken one day at a time I know it will be ok...I'm going to remain positive now, so remind me of this later when I get crabby. :o) I am going to sing His praises through it all, halleluiah!!

Well, not a whole lot of deep thought and inspiration to share with you this morning, but I hope your day is great. God bless, and I have to go finish getting ready for work. Bye, and go have a cherry coke instead of hot coffee. It tastes even better right now because, well, it just does. :o)


At 2:11 PM, Blogger April said...

hey - i miss ya ... and i know this summer will be great - though hectic :-) keep your chin up...


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