Church Chat

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer Camp

Well, you could say that its been a while since the last entry in my blog, eh? Oh yeah, but I have a great excuse. I was at Senior Teen and Junior Teen Camp for the past couple of weeks. They were back to back and I wasn't near a computer at all while there. It was the best time (and the most rewarding) that I've ever had while at camp this year. At Senior Teen Camp, I had two girls in my cabing rededicate their lives to Christ and at Young Teen, I had one girl give her life to Christ for the first time and three more rededications. How awesome is the love and grace of our God? I truly felt the blessings from that, and I am spiritually overflowing, but physically tired. I keep sleeping past my alarm clock and not realizing it. I even did that Sunday morning before church, and I never do that. It's crazy, but I know I have to catch up on my sleep real soon here. :o) Also, after camp got over at noon on Friday of this past week, I had to drive to Detroit for a wedding. It took me about 5 hours to get there. I probably extended my time getting down there because I was so tired and I had to stop 3 different times. I'm very glad I did, though. I had to sing for a wedding in one of the richest areas of Detroit, and man did I feel out of place. It was a great time, however. I love weddings. I'm getting ready for another one pretty soon here...July 9th to be exact. I am still working hard on getting my dress fixed, but I finally found a lady who will work on it for me. It's taken me this long to find someone who wasn't afraid of the task. Crazy, eh? Oh yeah. Any who, that's the skeleton of all my adventures this past couple of weeks. I'll probably write more about this stuff later, but I wanted to at least get the shell up so I had something to share with you on my blog site. God is so good and I hope you know that. If you don't, I'd be happy to help you find out how great. God bless!!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Crazy Dreamin'

Wow, it's another hot day here in the Great Lake state, and I'm bustin' a sweat by cleaning house and packing for camp. Yep, that's right, camp. It's that time of year again where Christian teens all over get ready to worship and learn about God in a whole new way, and I get the great honor and privelage of being there to witness it. I'm so excited, and I don't even leave until Wednesday night. Lots to do before going up there, but I know it will all get done.

I've not been in the greatest of moods all week because it seemed that no matter what I did I was being attacked in some way. It wasn't by any one person, it was all on the level of spiritual. I haven't slept great all week, I've been waking up extremely tired and worn out, and my work seems to be piling up on me. Also, I've had a good number of problems trying to prepare for 2 weddings that are 2 weeks apart from eachother and the 1st one is 2 weeks away. I'm glad I'm not the bride, because I would be bald by now. I know that when I do get married, the wedding will be very very small, and the reception will be big. Sounds about right to me. :o)

Let's talk about blessings, shall we? Ok then. I'm going to camp in less than 3 days, I am healthy, I have amazing friends and an amazing family, the sun is shining, every fan in the house is on creating a wonderful breeze. The woods I reside in are very lush and green, my housemate cracks me up all the time, I have a great church, it's 85 degrees outside and I'm still drinking my coffee...Gevalia Irish Creme rocks my world. There are a lot of things to be thankful for and the numero uno thing is that God loves me, gave me His love through the death of His son, and I'm going to be with Him someday and I know I'll be able to hug him all I want!!! Woooooo hoooooo! That sounds so good to me. I want to hug Jesus! I try to picutre I'm hugging Him when I hug my friends and family, and I think that's why I give good hugs. I want to hug my Savior someday, and so I share that same love with my peeps here. Yaya, God!

Any who, weird tangents, I know. That's ok, it's all good. :o) God loves me and I know you do, too. Well, that's enough from me for one day. Lot's to do, but I'll be thinking and praying for you today. God blesses!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cherry Coke in the Morning

Wow, is it hot, and it's only June 8th. Michigan doesn't always get this warm this early, but it's ok. I don't mind the heat that much. After spending a week in Texas this past May, I don't think the heat here could match. I remember waking up sweating because the central air system couldn't keep up with the Dallas morning. It was great, however, because it was something I wasn't quite used to yet, and it has prepared me for what I'm waking up to now. God is good, so I can't complain about the beautiful weather He's blessing us with.

I've been in deep thought a lot lately. So much is going on that keeps me very busy, and I know my summer is going to be very crazy, but good as well. Between the 4 different camps I'm preparing for and all the prep for each, plus my normal weekly planning, things are a bit nuts. I don't expect to have much of a social life this summer at all, but I know it's ok. God will be there through it all. As long as it's all taken one day at a time I know it will be ok...I'm going to remain positive now, so remind me of this later when I get crabby. :o) I am going to sing His praises through it all, halleluiah!!

Well, not a whole lot of deep thought and inspiration to share with you this morning, but I hope your day is great. God bless, and I have to go finish getting ready for work. Bye, and go have a cherry coke instead of hot coffee. It tastes even better right now because, well, it just does. :o)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

On the Verge of Insanity

Well, it's another busy week for me, and when I think about it too much it makes me want to hurl. It's actually not the week itself, but the summer. A lot of good things are happening, but with them comes major planning. I'm thankful I do have the gift of administration, but it's not my strongest gift. I got to work yesterday and had a message from someone I had never met, so I followed up immediately. Well, by the end of the conversation, I wanted to throw up. I have to say that God is sooooo good and knew right when to give me vacation time to get far away from Michigan so I wouldn't think about work at all. Now, I'm back and a lot must be done. I have one of the greatest jobs in the world, but it's also one of the hardest because it's ministry and there are many times when I feel so inadiquate...and I know that's good because it's God who needs to be in charge of everything. I know if I would have forgotten that yesterday I would have gotten real sick. There is sooo much to do behind the scenes and before the actual events, so I can get a bit scatter-brained from time to time. I was that way yesterday. I better be careful I don't end up that way today. Also, I'm having a slight problem with my breaks on my car; they are starting to squeak. I'm thankful it's only a squeak because that means it's the break pads. If they were grinding that would mean that the pads are gone and there's a bit more that needs replacing. God is good and I'm very thankful He's gifted me with some car knowledge. Well, I don't know if any of this really makes any sense, but it's all I got today. Please pray for me and my sanity. Love love love love love love love!!!!!