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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The President's on Every Channel

Well, it's another beautiful day today here in Michigan, and I think it's supposed to stay that way for a while. I must say that I'm really enjoying the sunshine and the fresh green that surrounds my house. This past winter I really felt burried by the snow, but that was still quite the sight. I love the snow, but I really appreciate the warmth that is now moving in! Yay God!

I decided to take this time, this opportunity, to journal a little because the president is on...every channel this morning talking about the big issues with social security. He's really driving the issue home and that wasn't his first intent. He was talking about something completely different but when he opened up the floor for questions, the news crews kept asking about social security. I know that it's an important issue, but he was talking about another issue. I know he's gotta be frustrated with that. I would be. I mean, I hate it when my bible study changes the topic we're supposed to be talking about to something way off topic. It's not fair to the person who prepared the lesson. I dunno, I guess that's why I feel bad for the president. Social security is a big issue and it does need to be talked about. According to the stats he presented about it, by the time I'm 63 the social security system will be dried up and bankrupt. I know that's why people were curious. The real funny thing is that no one cared until the Pres kept bringing it up and driving the issue. He doesn't want future generations, my generation, to have to worry about it. It should be there. Well, any way, I didn't know I cared so much but I guess I do. You go, President Bush!!

Well, now that I'm off my political soap box....:o). Today should be a real nice day. I have a lot of things to prepare for this week. Graduation Sunday, Youth Leader's meeting, and one other very special event is in the works. Please pray for me this week as I plan and prepare. I will pray for you, too. God bless and lots of love!

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