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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wedding Central

I am going to have so many ideas for my wedding by the time this one summer is over, and I'm not even dating anyone. There's nothing like being prepared, I guess. Ah well...this weekend was wonderfully busy. I have to say that despite the fact that I lived in my car and drove about 400 miles in 2 days, the weekend was fantastic. My dear friends Jen and Mike tied the knot in a candelight service. It was very beautiful. Classic black, soft pinks, and low lights made the whole service romantic. I sang "The Prayer" with a partner I had only met the night before. We did a good job, but the scary part of it was the fact that the entire music staff from Spring Arbor was there. AHHHH!! It was actually ok. I caught the boquet and that makes 6 for my collection. Crazy, eh? Oh yes. Then, it was time for me to drive back to Cedar because I had to lead music the next morning, but it wasn't too bad of a drive. I had a friend call me at 10 to keep me awake on the way, and that made the trip a whole lot better.

Sunday morning went quite well. I didn't think that either one of my pianists were going to be back from Florida, but to my suprise, one was and she came in just in time for practice. After service was fellowship dinner, and then I went home to take a nap before heading to my parent's house for the next couple of days. I was only going to sleep about an hour, but I ended up sleeping 2 and a half hours. It was nuts!!! Ah well. I got up when Kari came home from her vacation and then I packed and headed out. Monday, my mom and I went to lunch and shopping for her birthday. It was a great time, and we made good memories. Also, I had a nice time with a new friend as we did devotions together. That lasted about an hour, and then I rejoined my mom and watched "Mona Lisa Smile". She hadn't seen it before and I had; my mom loved it and she said she saw a lot of me in the character Julia Roberts played. It's so very true.

Well, that's about everything that happened between Friday and Monday. Today I got up and drove back home to Cedar and went to work. I was so tired today, so most of my evening has been spent in relaxation mode. I've also had the opportunity to catch up with Kari and hear about her Florida adventures. It's been a very good evening. That's all I got for now. God bless and peace be with you!!!


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