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Monday, April 18, 2005

A "Spring Fling"

Kari and I left our front door open all night last night. We got home around 10:30 p.m. from our small group meeting, and the house was so stuffy inside. We decided to leave a door open to give us some much needed air flow. I slept real good last night because of it. The only problem is that I think I found the spot where the wasps are trying to make a nest...In the door frame! Yikes! I guess that means a trip to the store for some hornet spray. Ah well...You can't really have a spring or summer without bugs, I guess. It's a beautiful morning and I love waking up to the sound of birds chirping and going to sleep to frogs croaking and crickets chirping. It's so wonderful, and I'm so glad spring is finally here!

I don't want to focus this entire blog on how great of a morning/spring it has been, but I want to talk about my wonderful weekend. I have never felt so blessed by people that aren't even related to me in my life. How awesome are the women of my congregation!!! Let me start from the beginning. My pastor's wife came to me about 3 weeks ago saying that she wanted to spend some time with just me on a Saturday and that I needed to clear one day for her. We looked at my calendar and locked one in. I didn't think much of it because we have spent time together before, and so I thought it was just going to be a nice day with she and I. I was looking forward to it because we've done it before and she's a fun lady. Well, this past Tuesday, my friend and big sister, Shila, calls and asks if I can go have lunch with her on Friday. There doesn't seem to be any correlation there yet, but just wait. Then, in my meeting with pastor on Wednesday, he tells me to get all my work done on Thursday to clear my Friday of everything because he has a special project that he needs me to work on. He told me we were going to discuss sound and visual technology for our new sanctuary. I was all excited and so I did just that. Thursday I was a very busy gal!! I told him that there was only a minor conflict, and that was that I had already promised Shila that I would go to lunch with her on Friday, and he said 'oh yeah I knew that, it's not a big deal'. I was very curious to know why he knew my schedule before I did, but I didn't say anything. So, Shila picked me up at my house at 11a.m. sharp, and we headed into Rockford for a nice lunch at Arnie's. That's a great restaurant, if you didn't know already. Any ways, the two of us go in to be seated and I hear her say just two, but we get seated at a table for six. I thought that odd, but didn't question it. We ordered our drinks and lunch and just start talking about nothing major, and in prances Pastor and Pat. I was real confused by this! They all started laughing and giggling uncontrollably...Well, Pastor doesn't giggle, he's a guy! :o) Pastor turns to me and says that we are only going to discuss sound and visual tech for about 30 seconds, and I was a bit disappointed but very curious as to what was going on to let that get me too down. He then proceeded to tell me that he was paying for lunch and then turning me over to the ladies at the table. They couldn't stop smiling and giggling, like earlier, but this time they were very conscious of their watches. They had appointments to meet with me. I wasn't nervous in the least, but curious through the whole experience. These two can be very silly at times, and so I knew anything could be about to happen...And it did. After lunch, we got in Shila's van and headed for Grand Rapids. They told me that this little scheme had been in the works for about 2 to 3 weeks now and 4 women had the same vision to do this for me. They prayed and collected donations from people, and came up with the same thought. They took me to the eye doctor for the first part of my surprise. I was fitted for contact lenses and had my eyes checked for the first time in 3 years. I cried when they told me what was going on, and I said that I don't deserve this treatment. They reassured me that I do, and the reason they're doing this was to let me know that they love me and felt that I deserved this more than anyone else they could think of. All four of these women, two of which I haven't mentioned yet but will later, had the same thoughts for me. I felt so blessed and humbled by this gesture. After the eye doctor, we went to Target and got me a pair of sunglasses. I've never worn sunglasses without my real glasses underneath them. It was so cool! Then, we went and got Sundays from Stake n' Shake, and left there for my next appointment. They treated me to a full body massage. It was so great. I got home Friday evening around 6 p.m. and "had" to take a hot bubble bath because of all the oil from the massage. I felt like a spoiled girl that day. Well, the next day was just as good (but nothing can top the contacts, I think). I had to be to the Pastor's house by 8:55 a.m. for my next appointment. When I got there, Pat was waiting for Holly to arrive...She's lady # 3 in this plot o' pampering. She's only been at my church for about 2 and a half months, but we are already becoming close friends. She told me later on that day that this all started with her and her husband, Bruce. They were watching "Extreme Makeover" and they thought that it would be a good ministry to do in our church. They were trying to think of someone who was deserving of it, and I was the first person the thought of and they agreed that there was no one who deserved it more. Talk about humbling!! I cried, yet again. My 9:00 a.m. appointment was a hair appointment. I pretty much let her do whatever she wanted, and I love it. I'm no longer a redhead, but more like my natural color with some blonde high lights and brown low lights. It's very pretty, and I now have a new hair dresser. It's pretty cool. I was then rushed back to the Pastor's house for the next part of my makeover. I should say that they were not calling it a makeover, but instead calling it my "Spring Fling". Even the envelope with the donated money said Spring Fling on it. Pat said to me that they didn't want to call it a makeover because there was nothing wrong with me, so they changed it to something else so that I knew that they wanted to pamper me. I felt that in full, let me tell ya. Well, the next thing was a cook out, and Becky, the 4th lady was there to greet me. I love her so much. We bonded right away when I got to CSFMC. She is one of the junior high youth leaders. Well, we sat down for lunch and Holly's Bruce showed up because he wanted to have some part in this as well. Pastor felt relieve because he wasn't the only guy there anymore. Rebecca also was there to participate and that was so cool. She and I get along so much better now...I think it's the best that we've ever gotten along and I'm glad. Any way, after lunch the ladies had a Mary Kay makeover scheduled and that was fun. I love makeup so that felt nice to do something with all of them participating. After that, Pat said that there was one more part to my "Spring Fling", and Becky and Holly chimed in to tell me that they were taking me shopping for some new clothes! Yay!! They took me to JC Penny's and loaded up my arms with bright and colorful clothing. They had asked me what kinds of things I was looking for, and I told them I didn't want any black because I have too much of that in my wardrobe already. So, the colors were very bright and springy. Pinks, blues, greens, and oranges filled my tired arms as I walked into the dressing room area. I don't know how many pieces I had, but I know I went through them fast because I hate trying on stuff. It's depressing. But I did it and ened up with three outfits that I really liked and they all complimented me well. I thought that I was only supposed to get one, but I guess I was wrong. They told me that they had a money limit and not an outfit limit. That floored me because we ended up walking out with all three! We had 20 dollars left and so we got icecream with it. That was fun!! I have never felt so loved and spoiled by people that were not related to me. They wanted to treat me because they felt that I was worth it, and I still could cry. How amazing is the body of Christ! I don't know what I can ever do to thank them for what they had done for me. I don't deserve what they did, but I appreciate it so much and I am so thankful that they chose me! I wore my new pink outfit, contacts, and hairdo on Sunday proudly and people didn't recognize me when I came in. They didn't recognize me when I got up to lead the music either. Many compliments came my way with words like "you do deserve this". I don't know what else to say, but I am so thankful! God has blessed me in many ways this past weekend. Thank you, Lord, and thank you ladies!


At 1:32 PM, Blogger Brooke said...

Shanny that is so awesome and you SO deserve it!!!! How amazing for you! I miss you oh so much and we have to reschedule our visit. I can't wait to see you! I love you lots. ~ Brookey

At 9:20 PM, Blogger g. said...

hot dang you are loved!!

i'm so glad you got that... you're an incredible woman and your heart needs that!! I'm happy for you times a million!!


At 6:45 AM, Blogger April said...

holy goodness - how am I going to recognize you at the airport? I am so happy for you - you definately do deserve it and you definately are loved! I love you too! And I cant wait til you come to visit - although now I will be the "lone redhead" I guess that is ok :-) Take care sweetie - I have to get ready for work!


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