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Monday, April 25, 2005

It All Adds Up!

Ok, someone slap my hands if I want to go out for dinner or go shopping in the next month. Today was my bill-paying day, and oh my goodness, I need a bit more control. I don't normally have a shopping problem, but it seems that lately I have. It didn't hit me until the last time Kari and I had to fill our LP tank this past winter. That costs a lot and I wasn't expecting it, and ever since then my money has been kind of tight. Not so tight that I can't live, obviously, but just enough to make me think twice about spending. Ah well, God is good and He's given me the money to pay the bills despite that. I'm not complaining, just simply stating a fact. You can't spend money for bills on things you don't need. It's a simple fact that I normally cling to very tightly, but it seems I didn't last month. It will all even itself out again. Not a big deal at all. I just hate it when I'm not sensable. It's not like me. God has taught me a lesson, and I guess that's what this mess is about. Sometimes His lessons don't come easy to us, but we still learn and know He is good. It all adds up in the end. Many blessings on you all!!


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