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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bono's Baby

You know you're Irish when every rainstorm brings you back to Irish memories of the coastline and foggy mornings where wild horses run free. Sounds beautiful, eh? Well, it was nice to see first hand, let me tell you. I still wish that I could go back there and hear the ocean crash against the shore and smell the salty sea in the brisk air. The grass is finally green here and everything looks so wonderful in its wet state. I don't mind waking up and finding that the morning is cool from the rain. I love seeing all the new growth on the trees, and the new buds on my flowers. It's a georgeous site to behold! I love new birth! I think that my love for nature can be a reflection of my neverending love for God and the new birth every Christian experiences when they first accept Him as their savior. I believe that my calling into the ministry can be traced back to when I was a little girl running around outside enjoying the sun, the trees, the freshness of a rainstorm. I never really thought of it until now. I can see the path God has led me down to bring me to this point. How awesome is He! Maybe this rambling doesn't make much sense to anyone else, but it opens my eyes.


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