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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Purposed Burdened Church

Reach one more sould for Jesus! One more, then one more, then one more after that... This is what I've heard this past Monday through Wednesday. It was all very good, but now I'm exhausted. I had a Minister's Conference at SAU, and I feel refreshed from it all. I had so much trouble getting there, however. My car broke down in Grand Rapids while on my way down to Spring Arbor. Thankfully, I did not slam into the Semi truck I was so close to, and when I got off the highway I was by one of the sister churches to my own. How good is God, eh? It was pretty awesome...well, that part of it. I didn't feel that it was awesome at the time, but God is so good and He takes care of His children. When I got to the conference, Phil MacClaren was one of the first people I ran into. I haven't seen him since he was first diagnosed with cancer. He's a living miracle! I squeezed his neck and got a bit teary-eyed. It was so good to see him and spend time with him. We stayed together for most of the conference, and that was fun. The only problem, which wasn't really a problem, was that one of the other youth pastors in Phil and my conference got it in her head that he and I should get married. She wouldn't let it go the entire time. It was funny, but a little uncomfortable at times. Ah well, it was funny. I also saw old Wellspring friends, and I felt like it was some kind of Wellspring reunion. I felt God's blessings the whole time I was down there with the conference. It's a cool thing to be in a room with 200+ ministers worshipping God together. How the angels must have been rejoicing on high! Wow! Again, God is so good!! I got the call while I was down there that my car was fixable and it was all set for me to come and pick up. It didn't cost me an arm and a leg, and that was another miracle. Also, I got to visit with one of my favorite professors, Dr. Livesay, and then I got to sit in on the choir's first performance before they head out on tour. I say first performance because it was the first complete runthrough of the entire program, and I was their only audience. How privelaged was I? It was sweet!! Now I'm back in Cedar, and boy did I sleep hard last night. I'm glad I did because I have so much to do today and tomorrow to get ready for this weekend. I can't believe that Easter is already here. Please pray for me and my church, my teens, and everyone else that is effected by this weekend. I love you all, but I must go now so I can get ready for work today. Many blessings!! Bye.


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