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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I Need a Hug

Sometimes when your sick, all you want is your mom. I've been sick now for 3 days with a sinus infection and tonight I have practice with my worship team. I will, but will you also, pray that all goes smooth and I can get things accomplished. It's all in God's timing and strength, I know. :) I finally got my book back from Steve. He had a Matt Redman book of mine and he finally dropped it off. I don't even think he was in my presence for more than 30 seconds and then he was gone again. That was the first time that I saw him since he broke up with me. I guess I don't know what to think anymore when it comes to him. He has told me before that he still wants a friendship, but the effort he's putting forth does not show me that at all. I think that the only reason that he's bothering me today is because I'm sick and all I want is to be somewhere safe and warm with no responsibilites. Sounds pretty darn good, eh? Oh, yes it does.


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