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Friday, March 11, 2005

Homeward Bound

Well, today is Friday and I have a lot to do. Everything is good, but I can't wait for the end because that means I will be in Montrose with my family. I haven't been home in a long time, and the hardest part is that I haven't gone home by myself since before Steven and I started dating. So, despite my excitement to go see my family, I'm kind of dreading this first trip alone. I'm already doing the whole "reminicent" viewing of the past, and I'm a bit depressed. He stopped by the church the other day by my requesting. I needed something back from him, and he was willing to bring it to me. He stayed less than 30 seconds and wouldn't even come inside the building. I am hurting more than I thought I would from that encounter. I thought that I would be fine with him dropping it off, but I still miss him a lot. I miss my friendship that I had with him. It wasn't just a relationship of convenience for me. I was there for him and he was there for me. We hung out and talked, watched movies, had wonderfully deep conversations, and I never once tired of it. I miss that. I don't want him back in any romantic way, but I do miss my friend so much. He was the one person I could count on when I moved here. I could talk to him about anything and he could talk to me and count on me, too. Ah well. I have to stop dwelling on this and just face the trip today. It will be fine, but it will be hard. I'm going to have a good time with my parents this weekend and it's a much-needed time, for sure. We're going to see Avalon together and it will be great. Well, I must get going now before I get disconnected, and I have to get to the bank so I can pay for my airline ticket to Dallas! Woo hoo, I'm going to May. Please pray for me today, aight? Aight. Peace out!


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