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Monday, March 14, 2005

Holding My Head Up...

I thought yesterday was going to be absolutely wonderful. Well, I know the beginning of it was alright, but I don't remember the rest. Actually, my day started out at 5:30am. I had to finish packing up my stuff and head to Cedar from Montrose. I had a wonderful time with my family and I didn't want it to end, really. I couldn't sleep that night before, so my energy level was pretty low. About a third of the way over on my 2 hour trip my heater stopped working in my car. That really stunk. When I got home, I warmed up a bit, got ready for church, and left once again. When I got to church everything seemed alright. I played Irish music in the beginning of the service and played my drum on my way up to the stage. It was very cool, and everyone enjoyed it a lot. When I sat down after the hymn, my stomach started to hurt really bad. It felt like someone had kicked me and I couldn't recover. I ended up going into the bathroom and sitting on the floor for a while. Cherryl got me something to eat hoping that it was just because I was hungry, but the role she brought didn't taste good at all. I ended sitting in the pastor's office sweating with chills, and I couldn't put any pressure on my stomach whatsoever. It was aweful. I was sent home during the Fellowship dinner and Beth took over choir practice. I completely missed the District Rally with all the pastors in the area. I slept from 1:30 until a quarter to 6. My housemate, Kari, checked in on me a few times and brought me some Vernors. I got up for a few hours but went back to bed. Today, I'm still drinking Vernors, eating saltless crackers and taking it very easy. I hate being sick, but I know that no one likes it. I wasn't expecting this to happen. It came on so quickly. Ah well, I guess I needed to relax some. Well, that's where I'm at today...sick, watching tv under blankets and drinking Vernors. Nothing exciting. I pray your day is better an full of excitement. I know it is for you, April. Have fun in Prauge!!


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