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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I absolutely love this holiday, but so many people celebrate it all wrong. It should be celebrated by praising God and lifting up holy hands to Him for His faithfulness. You see, St. Patty's day is not about pubs and green beer, but we Americans have made it that way. It's about a man who went against the odds, followed the call of God, and went to a land that once treated him like a slave and brought them the word of God. It's about perceverance, love, God's grace, His mercy, and all that's wrapped up in that! It's about Jesus and His reflection in the eyes of His servant, Patrick. Did you know he wasn't even Irish? Nope, he was actually born in England but he was taken to Ireland as a boy an was made a slave to a pagan land owner. He had a vision from the Lord of a ship leaving Ireland and there was a place for him aboard this ship. He followed his heart and his vision from God and climbed aboard. He went back to his home in England and his heart grew more hungry for the Lord. He later became a priest and felt God's call once again...only this time back to Ireland. He did have some followers, but he had more opposition than anything. It was a completely pagan land he was dreaming about and no one thought it worthy of much. Father Patrick knew better...he felt the heart of God calling for his lost Irish children. So, he went back to the land that once persecuted him and he told the people of God and his love. Ireland was changed forever!! I know that this is true, not just because I studied it, but because I went to Ireland and I saw his impact. Everywhere you go you can see the people's faith in the Lord above, and thanks to St. Patrick for his noble calling and his faithfulness to the Lord. We need more people in this world today willing to change an entire nation if the Lord calls them to do so. God bless you all, and again, happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


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