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Friday, March 18, 2005

Fun in the Mean, Snow

Blast!! Does it ever stop snowing around here? You'd think I would know better growing up in Michigan, but no. I want spring so bad I can already hear the massive spring thunderheads rolling in. Oh goodness, that sounds awesome! I miss and love spring storms soooo much. My mom thinks that I'm one sick puppy because I find it to be thrilling to watch Twister when the weather outside looks scary. I can't help myself though. I love seeing the power of God move in a storm. Have you ever thought of it like that? You should try it sometime. Next time there's a big storm moving your way, really look at the churning clouds and feel the hard rain fall on you. It's amazing!! You can see the greatness of God in it all. Then, when the storm is all over with, you can see the gentleness and grace of God hugging the land that the storm just ripped through. Not that I think God is mean, no way! I love storms because you can see His cleansing power on the earth and then easily relate it to the storms of your own life. You can feel their wrath, sense the movement, feel the cleansing power, and finally feel the comfort after it's all over. God is sending you a huge I love you! I dunno, maybe I'm strange, but I can't help it. When I see a storm front moving in, I see the love of God in it.

Well, I must call this the end of this blogety blog because I have to go get ready for the day. I leave for Montrose/Birch Run with my teen girls today. I'm taking them to the mall of my youth. It's a nice sharing time for me, and a great shopping extravaganza for them. It will be fun for all, I'm sure :). God bless you all, and may His grace and peace be your guide today!


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