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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Simple Line = Profound Thought

Art, like everything else, starts off with a simple line and continues to grow as the artist grows. You're probably wondering what I'm talking about. Well, I was thinking about drawing before I went to sleep last night and this thought came to me. A good friend of mine, while in college (Drew), said something like that to me once. I was struggling with a pencil drawing and he came in the room and watched over my shoulder. I told him that I was getting quite frustrated with it and he said, "Shannon, it's just a simple line, that's all". As you can see, that has stuck with me. A simple line. Everything has a start and it is simple. A baby in a mother's womb starts off as a one-celled organism, and relationships often start off with a simple "hi" or "hello". Where am I going with all of this...I'm wondering myself. Last night when I was lying awake pondering simple line and form, God reminded me of the simplicities in life that move into complex. We take things from the simple, and as time passes and we are ready, we move things further on into a more complex structure. God gave us all a start in our friendships that were simple, but as time and love grew He slowly moved up the level of complexities to where we could handle them. God is so good. Art starts off with a simple line and continues to grow as the artist grows. Wow. I think now that the mental block I once had with simple line is gone, thanks to God's enlightning power on Drew's 3-year old statement. I think that if we all think about simple line and the course of time many mental blocks we have concerning life will be gone. I know I think of odd things when falling asleep, but sometimes that's the best time for the profound to empower. Thank You, Lord for the profound simple line!


At 5:21 PM, Blogger April said...

Dream weaver - I believe you can get me through the ni-Ight! Drew - yummy. What a great and amazing thought. We are a line too (though you were probably referring to el-stevo) and I love our friendship!


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